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How did Centaur begin?

16 years ago, Jess came into my life. She has taught me a lot on our journey together and changed my life dramatically. But little did I know back then that she would be the reason I became interested in equine massage (more about Jess in my next blog).

After looking for an equine massage course to study I began my journey, learning how massage therapy would help Jess as well as my other horses. After my first practical training day I was totally hooked. The responses I got from the horses during this day and Jess when I began practising my new skills on her blew me away. Jess and I experienced a connection much stronger than we had had in the past.

Once I had completed the course I decided that I wanted to help more than just my horses in this way. I set up my own holistic equine massage business, treating horses from many disciplines and helping them perform at their best. I also began tutoring the course and supporting other students through their practical training.

The opportunity then arose for me to purchase the rights to this course. It wasn’t the most perfect timing but then nothing really is. I knew if I didn’t take the opportunity I would regret it later on. I loved supporting the students through their training so much, seeing their skills develop and watching them grow in confidence, that I wanted to continue with this and develop it further. What better way was there to do this than to support students through the complete course rather than just their practical training.

So, the purchase went ahead and Centaur was born.

Since Centaur’s formation we have had a steady flow of students signing up to our course and our workshops. It is an absolute joy to guide them on the journey that I took myself, knowing what a difference it can make to them and the horses that they will meet, whether that is their own horse or if like I did they set up to help others as well.

The passion I have for sharing this knowledge with others and helping them on this journey has led to me undertaking various other courses, delving deeper into equine massage therapy techniques over the last year. These will be added in the form of new courses coming soon, so do watch out for those appearing on the website and Facebook page.

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