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Practitioner Course In

Equine Massage Therapy

Our Practitioner Course is an in-depth course enabling all graduates to enjoy a new and very rewarding career as a qualified holistic equine massage practitioner.


Participants will learn about the causes and effects of stress within the horses’ muscular system, taking a holistic view and approach. The course covers the horses physical and emotional makeup, activities undertaken, equipment used, movement, overall health and wellbeing and massage therapy.  It then looks at the relationship and interaction between each of these.


As participants work through the modules they will learn to identify many triggers and sources that induce physical and emotional stress and how that stress travels through the body.


Having gained a new and intriguing perception of the individual horses physical and emotional condition, participants will gain the expertise to provide massage techniques to facilitate the healing process for horses of a wide range of ages, from a variety of backgrounds, with many different past experiences and resulting states of wellbeing.


These newly acquired skills will be practiced both during hands-on experience days under supervision, and also in participants own home environments, so giving plenty of opportunities for practical experience and consolidation of knowledge.

Uk Register of Learning Providers Number 10067480


One day Horse Owner Massage Workshops


Centaur Equine Massage Training runs one day workshops for those who are interested in learning about massage techniques that would help their own horses.

These workshop days will provide basic knowledge that will enable owners to identify changes in their horse’s behaviour and signs of stress in their muscular system.


This newly acquired knowledge will help owners to know when their horse would benefit from receiving a treatment from an appropriately qualified and registered equine massage therapist.


As part of the workshop owners will also have the opportunity to witness how horses communicate their own feelings during the massage treatments.

Horse owner massage workshops can be arranged to take place at your own yard on a mutually convenient date with one of our tutors. Please contact us for further details.

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Please contact us to arrange a 1 to 1 workshop.




Painted Horse Workshop

Our painted horse workshops being held with HAC Therapies - For horse, human and hound will include an overview of the spine, skeletal system and major muscle groups. With the use of a live model we will be able to look at which muscles work to perform a variety of actions.

Throughout the workshop we will be addressing common muscular problems which affect horses working in varying disciplines e.g. riding school, dressage, jumping.

We will cover the signs and causes of muscular stress. How best to protect your horse and show you a demonstration on stretches and reflex exercises working from head to tail and including the limbs.


Participants will be offered the opportunity to also paint a horse to practice what has been learnt throughout the session.

For more information on HAC Therapies - Forhorse, human and hound please visit their website.

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FascialEdge Tool Workshop

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