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The Centaur herd.
The beautiful home of the Centaur horses.
Sunrise at the home of the Centaur horses.
Jacob enjoying some gentle bladder meridian therapy during a one to one hands-on experience day.
Wizard enjoying some gentle bladder meridian therapy during a hands-on experience day.
Danny guiding one of our practitioner course students through her final exam.
Jess in the snow.
Ruby showing some great releases of tension during a hands-on experience day.
Whisper enjoying some craniosacral therapy following a healing massage treatment.
Douglas and Trooper in the snow.
Fritz relaxing into his massage treatment during a one to on hands-on experience day.
Lisa enjoying some time with Gunner after forming a bond with him at one of our horse owner massage workshops.
Trooper taking time to release and process after some energy healing in the field.
Jess releasing emotional tension during a bladder meridian treatment.
Gunner took some time out to process the different feelings during a massage and healing session with our student Nicky.
Saul enjoying his gentle massage treatment from student Jade on our hands-on experience day in Bristol.
A huge release from one of the horses who took part in our FascialEdge Tool workshop.
Jack helping to collect willow for the horses.
Jess enjoying a craniosacral treatment and being allowed some time out to process.
Our horse owners massage workshops are very much guided by the horses who are involved with the day. Here our student has moved away from the massage and is allowing Saul to soak up some gentle energy healing.
Jess enjoying a lovely massage from studet Saskia.
Livvy returning the massage during a one to one hands-on experience day.
Trooper showing some great responses to bladder meridian therapy during a one to one hands-on experience day.
Such a lovely message ro receive from one of our students currently studying our practitioner course in holistic equine massage therapy.
We have welcomed Diamond to the Centaur horses. Diamond is Dougs new companion and will be joining in with some of our Worcestershire hands-on experience days from now on.
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