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Saddle Racks - Does it matter which ones you use?

What kind of saddle rack do you keep your saddles on?

There are so many saddle racks on the market to choose from, are some better than others? In short the answer to that question is yes.

When I first got Jess I used the metal saddle racks pictured below to store her saddle on. My saddle fitter came out one day and pointed out to me that that the metal racks leave an indentation in the flocking of the saddle, since that day I have used the foam pipe lagging (pictured) to cover the metal of the saddle rack and therefore eliminate the risk of the flocking being unevenly compacted in the saddle.

Alternatively you can use a saddle mate holder or the pole (folding) saddle racks as these do not put any uneven pressure on the flocking.

Uneven flocking within the horse’s saddle will cause unnecessary pressure points upon the horses underlying muscles. This pressure will in turn cause muscular tension to develop and consequently spread through the horse’s body leaving the horse in discomfort and pain and unable to perform the tasks being asked of them by the rider.

I have included a picture of a saddle stored on a metal rack with no form of protection between the two to show just how much of a difference this can make to the flocking.

Take a look at your saddles next time you are going to tack up and ride. If there are any lumps, bumps or depressions in the flocking please call your saddler and ask them to rectify them, your horse will thank you next time the saddle is put on.


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